We Make Accounting Easy for Small Business Owners

Box of Receipts

No more piles of receipts or data entry

With full service bookkeeping all you need to do is snap a picture of a receipt, or forward an email, and we take it from there. No shoeboxes required! We can collect expenses from you and your employees. 100% digital and fully compliant with CRA requirements.

Stop Worrying About Cash Flow

Cash flow can make or break a business. With a watchful eye on your accounts and expenditures we offer short-term forecasting. Have confidence your cash will be okay next month, or get an early warning about potential shortfalls before it causes big trouble.

Financial frustration
Business Dog

Get a ‘Best Friend’ For Your Business

You don’t have to go it alone. Get a CPA on your team who can answer questions and offer suggestions. With regularly scheduled meetings the lines of communication are open to keep you informed about your finances and be an active part of your business adventure!

All-In-One full service Accounting

You choose exactly the services you need and we build a package tailored to grow with your business. When you work with us, you get what your business needs for one consistent, reliable monthly fee. There are no surprises, and you get full service you can count on.

How good would it feel to take all that off your plate?

How many hours per week are you spending on these tasks? (or are they getting done at all?) When you work with accounting it means you can spend more time and energy on profit-producing areas of your business.

“You give me such security. I am very grateful and very pleased you are part of our team. The best decision I have made since I have opened our business. Your thoroughness is exactly why. Thank you.”

Ernest Cremers / Cremers Safety Ltd.

Kaitlin is exceptionally fast and thorough! Any and all questions answered promptly, without judgment and I can always count on her and the team! It was a stress-free tax season.

Sophie Fortier / Blush Boss Co.

How to Get KIRK CPA On Your Team

Kaitlin Kirk, CPA

Call in the experts

By this time next week you can say “so long” to all your bookkeeping, receipts, tax filings, and more when you say “hello” to Kirk CPA.

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I feel like I have a process and I know what I’m doing. It’s not so scary and I have clear process and lines to follow to make sure the right information is being saved and documented

Katherine Chapman / Inshift

“You gave me a clearer understanding of my metrics and better organizational skills for bookkeeping on my own.”

Sean G. / Opex Calgary Inc.

Questions & Answers

My fee is an investment in yourself and your business. The insights I’ll provide for you will increase your profits and taking the accounting off your plate will free up your time to focus on your business. In a practical sense, having a CPA on your team can identify money pits and growth opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked. At the end of the day, we both share the goal of increasing your profits. 

Taking care of your business year-end is a big part of being your accountant, requiring a lot of time and effort. Part of the monthly service fee helps to spread these costs out over the year. We want to start helping you right away especially if you are facing a daunting year-end. Depending on the timing, it may require a special project quote to get on track. 

We can absolutely do a one-time fix. These usually take about 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of the situation and what your goals are. Let’s book a call to talk about your specifics. You’re welcome to ask us anything that’s on your mind during the call. 

We are located in Ottawa, Ontario. We work 100% online, and are fully registered to serve clients in Ontario and Alberta. If you’re outside of Canada or those specific provinces, I can help you with process improvements, cost cutting measures, and ways to increase revenue, but not tax related issues. 

More Questions? Book a Call!

We’re always happy to chat with small business owners. You’re welcome to book a call with us to ask your accounting questions, or chat about how we can help support your growing business.