Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

♦  You’re working way too many hours and aren’t spending time with your friends and family.

♦  You’re running on empty, but you can’t take time off because you need to keep bringing in revenue.

♦  Your retirement fund keeps being used for urgent bills.

♦  Your customers don’t always pay on-time, so you rely on your own credit to pay suppliers and employees, which leads overdraft fees and interest.

♦  Sometimes you’re able to pay yourself, but only if there’s money left over.

The business is all consuming, now you’re stuck in a loop, and you can’t get out. You have to work to pay your bills, but the more you work the more money the business consumes. You want to work less and get paid more!

You know your business could be more profitable.

You KNOW  you’re spending too much money.


Here’s what that looks like:

Basically, I’ll be your financial coach, accounting team and all-round safety net. 

You’ll never have to face your finances alone again.

Your business is unique and I’m sure you have questions. Book your free, no obligation call to talk about your business – ask me anything!

ask me anything

Ready to work less and get paid more? Let’s do it.

Frequently Asked Questions


My bookkeeping is way behind, can I still use this service?

Your bookkeeping needs to be up-to-date to be able use this service properly (accurate numbers are the foundation of smart strategy) but I can help you get caught up. Book an appointment with me and let’s talk about it! I can help you get back on track.

Does this service include my bookkeeping done for me?

No, I believe business owners should do their own bookkeeping in the beginning, and I can assist with teaching the basics. The time may come to outsource to a professional bookkeeper if it gets to be too much. On-going bookkeeping is not part of my service. As a CPA, you want me to be working on your high-level business and finance strategy.

Is there any kind of setup fee?

No, there’s no setup fee. I will do a free initial review of your books to ensure the health of your financial data, because if I don’t have good information, I can’t provide you with meaningful insights. If I come across something that needs to be addressed, I’ll let you know, and we can talk about it. Either I can make the changes to your books for a one-time fee, or you/your bookkeeper can make the necessary updates.

My year-end is coming up soon. Is it still part of the monthly fee? Should I wait?

Taking care of your business year-end is a big part of being your accountant, requiring a lot of time and effort. Part of the monthly service fee helps to spread these costs out over the year. I want to start helping you right away especially if you are facing a daunting year-end but, depending on the timing, it may mean supplementary fees to get on track.

This all sounds wonderful, but can I afford your services?

My fee is an investment in yourself and your business. The insights I’ll provide for you will increase your profits and taking the accounting off your plate will free up your time to focus on your business. In a practical sense, having a CPA on your team can identify money pits and growth opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked. At the end of the day, we both share the goal of increasing your profits.

What if I don’t need on-going services, I just want a one-time fix?

I can absolutely do a one-time fix. These usually take about 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the situation and what your goals are. Let’s book a call to talk about your specifics. You’re welcome to ask me anything that’s on your mind during the call.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Ottawa, Ontario. I work 100% online, which means I can help anyone in Canada. If you’re outside of Canada, I can help you with process improvements and cost cutting measures, but not tax related issues.

Work Less, Get Paid More