Are you a new entrepreneur and have no idea how to manage the bookkeeping and tax pieces of your business?

Have you tried to keep up with your bookkeeping but you’re struggling to really know what you don’t know?

You want to be in control of your company’s finances, but don’t have time to take online courses and google the answers you need.

You’re tech savvy…

You spend time researching, but accounting and finance terms can be confusing. How do you know where to start? Google is great, but how do you find information on what you don’t know?

Invest just 2 hours a month

and get the financial coaching you need to know your numbers 

These are just some of the topics we address in

one-on-one coaching sessions ???????? so that your

business’s finances can be easy ??? accurate.


Each month we will connect virtually for 2 x one-hour private coaching sessions.

This 6 month program also includes anytime email access to me between calls for any questions or extra support. 

The investment for you is $1,997 with payment options available. 


Ready to understand your finances & elevate your business? Let’s do it. 

Frequently Asked Questions


I use Quickbooks Online and can match transactions, but find everything else confusing.

You are an expert in your field, not bookkeeping! I will go through a detailed overview of Quickbooks, help you set up sales tax, your third party payment system and your Chart of Accounts. I will show you how to use the Chart of Accounts, what accounts you need and what accounts you can get rid of. 

You mentioned sales tax. I have questions.

In your sessions, we will go over what each sales tax code is for and for which expense. Then you will learn how to file a sales tax return such as GST/HST depending on which province your business is based. 

When I started my business, I paid for business expenses through my personal account and credit card. How do I keep this all straight for my accountant?

You will be shown how to enter an expense in your bookkeeping software that you paid for personally and what to do if you use the company account for a personal expense (it happens). I go more in depth to have you notice what you are spending money on and recognize what account it should fall under. 

Bookkeeping is important, but what about business financial strategy?

Not only will I teach you how to do your books and build your confidence to financially know your numbers, but I we will dig into customer profitability, cash forecasting, how to set or increase your pricing, adding other products or services to increase your profits, and what are your business risks and what strategies do you need to implement to reduce these. 

Know Your Numbers: Financial Coaching for Your Business